We offer many Drilling Services H2S (training, Equipment, Supervision) Vacuum services (Cleaning of Mud Pits, Cellars, Separators, Frac tanks) Rig Washing

h2s drill services

H2S Services​

Safety Plus is a leader in H2S Safety Using top of the line /or cutting edge equipment. We specialize in Scott ( SCBA ) and Redline monitoring systems. We offer on site training, Safety Consulting, and Contingency Planning. With years of combined experience we can meet your atmospheric monitoring needs.

drilling pit cleaning

Drilling Pit Cleaning​

Safety Plus has everything needed to perform Pit Cleaning Safely and Efficiently. Our 3500cfm super vacuum truck are specially designed for the recovery of Oil Base Mud. Equipped with a high body set and vibrator to aid in the separation of solids and a 4 inch pump to move good mud to storage or over existing rig equipment for further cleaning (Shakers and centrifuge). Every barrel of mud we recover is one that can be used on next well and not disposed of, in turn saving the company money. With Safety Plus cleaning your pits lets the rig personnel to start nippling down and rigging down resulting in quicker rig release. when teamed with our safety division Safety Plus will handle all permitting (Confined Space, LOTO). All Safety Plus Confined Space Roustabouts are trained to work in and around confined spaces as well as SafeLand trained.

Drilling rig wash

Drilling Rig Wash​

Safety Plus has top of the line equipment when it comes to you rig washing needs. All of our steam power washers are dual wand and use diesel for both engine and burner. During the winter months we use enclosed units to increase reliability. If you do not have water on location not a problem we have a in-house 80bbl bobtail to help. let us build a rig wash team for you (call for details).

Other Services That We Offer