Safety Plus

Safety Plus is a family owned company started in 2009. We service the oil and gas industry with offices in Sulphur, Ponca City, Arapaho in Oklahoma and Zanesville Ohio.

As a company we hold safety as a priority that's why its in our name. We put safety before anything and provide services and education about how to be more efficient and be safe on the fields.


Jeremiah Johnson

Owner / CEO

Jeremiah "Boone" Johnson is a Native of Sulphur, Oklahoma, where he grew up helping work his family ranch. Boone presently resides on the Long Johnson Ranch with his wife and children. He continues to help with the ranch while preforming his operational duties at Safety Plus USA.

Along with his father "Terry", brother "BJ" and uncle "Steve" Johnson, they started H2S Safety Plus Christmas Day in 1994. H2S Safety Plus was an Oilfield Service company that specialized in H2S safety, roustabouts, pit cleaning, and equipment rentals.

Boone graduated from South-eastern Oklahoma State University with a major in occupational safety and health as well as a minor in environmental sciences in 2003.

After graduating Boone worked abroad in Villahermosa Mexico as the operational officer for H2S Specialist de Mexico from 2003 through 2005. Boone returned home at the end of the company's international project continuing to work for H2S Safety Plus until the company was purchased by Express Energy Services. He continued his services through 2009 for Express Energy.

Boone continued to extend his skillset during his employment in 2009-2010 as a Safety Officer for Arkoma Tanks, an oilfield service company located in Coalgate Ok. In late 2010 Boone joined the Safety Plus USA team and has never look back.

Our Team


Kris Tyler

Division MANAGER

since 2017


Allen Jones

Training Coordinator

since 2005